Dominant System - Pen display monitors and signature pads specialist

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Dominant System

Dominant System is Asia’s progressive IT distribution company who specialises in electronic signature pads and pen display monitors. We are based in Singapore and have extensive knowledge selling to banking, healthcare, retail, hospitality and education industry. We provide best of breed technologies to our partners whose solutions are well received by top companies around Asia. Understanding each culture and market dynamic is key to providing viable solutions within customer expectations. Our comprehensive services cover distribution, sales & marketing & technical support, RMA and customisation. We are able to support our partners for demanding tenders and projects that require unique features in product specification as seen from our product offerings. Partners have found us easy to work with as we are responsive and always trying our best to look after their interests. Dominant System supports the use of eco friendly technologies and encourages all to reduce paper usage.

Customer satisfaction

Dominant System engages end users with our partners and that helps us understand their needs much better. We’re able to respond to their demands adequately. We don’t just sell standard items, there are times when customers need to customise their systems to fit specific business requirements and we try our best to meet those needs. We want to ensure our customers come up winners in every project they participate.

Best value

Quality is more important than quantity, Dominant System only work with products that are of good quality and those that represent best value and performance. Like our customers, we expect the products to last a long time and hence we represent brands that are reputed to be reliable and technologically advance. Our products offer exceptional value in terms of price and quality and we are confident they deliver to the expectation of our partners and customers.