Artisul LCD drawing tablets


Artisul LCD drawing tablets

Artisul is derived from “Art is soul.” In it’s simplest definition, it means the art we create represents our soul, our sense of being. We all have the ability to create something unique, because we are all one-of-a-kind. It is our way to show our love toward the creative world, and to help anyone and everyone express their soul.

We create digital drawing tablets and accessories to help creative individuals express themselves through art for the modern era. Artisul is our way to show our love toward the creative world, and to help anyone and everyone express their soul.

UC-Logic, our parent company located in Taiwan, has focused on digital drawin tablets (aka. pen display monitors) and pen technology for over the past 20 years. While they have manufactured many products for third-party businesses, Artisul LCD drawing tablet is the first pen tablet brand created under the UC-Logic family. Designed in San Francisco and created in Taiwan, Artisul has been a dream in the making, both for our lead designers and our parent company.

We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best possible tool for artists of all industries, such as film, animation, fashion and fine art. Whether you’re a pro or just learning, we want to feed your creativity. Encouraged by the art created with our tablets, our Team strives to create the highest quality tablets at an affordable, artistic price.

And remember, inspiration is all around us.


Words from Dominant System

The Artisul LCD drawing tablets have come a long way to be adored by many digital content creators and digital art enthusiasts around the world. Dominant System, the Authorised Distributor is honoured to work with UC-Logic and offer these excellent LCD drawing tablets to fulfill the dream of people who yearned to own a high performance LCD drawing tablet without forking out a fortune. Dominant System strongly believes in providing the best value products that bring satisfactions to customers and partners. Whether you are a professional or amateur digital artist, the Artisul LCD drawing tablets are your best companion in unleashing your greatest creativity.