Choosing an electronic signature pad

Things to look out for in a professional signature pad

Electronic signature pad Screen size
Do you need a space to sign only or do you require to show objects/buttons ?
If you need to show objects or buttons, it's recommended that you pick a bigger screen pad.

Electronic signature pad Monochrome or colour screen
If you plan to do a lot of marketing and customer interaction, it's recommended to choose a colour screen.
For simple signing, you just need to choose a monochrome screen.

Electronic signature pad Screen resolution
Higher resolution would provide better looking signatures on screen.

Electronic signature pad Pressure data capture
It's a must for those who needs to capture signature data. Pressure is one of key signature data that is unique to every human being. Pressure also provide ink thinkness variation in your signature that looks like a real signature on paper. A good pad would be able to display how heavy or light you sign in every strokes of your signature.

Electronic signature pad Battery and external power supply requirement
More advance signature pads do not require battery and external power supply. When you use a pen with battery, it feels heavy and doesn't allow you to sign naturally. If the pad runs on external power supply it will be difficult to find power point in remote places or certain locations. It's recommended to get one that runs on USB power connected to your laptop.

Electronic signature pad Internal report rate
The more pen data the pad captures in its internal report rate means more signature data can be collected. Such data can be utilised by signature authentication engine.

Electronic signature pad Security
If you're concerned about signature security, it's a must to get a pad with industrial grade encryptions e.g. RSA or AES.

Electronic signature pad Durability
Look for tough construction of pad and material of the pen. Cheap and low quality pads have normal material that is easily scratched. The USB connection point must also be well designed to withstand rough handling.

Manufacturer Reputation
Look for pad manufacturer who specialises in e-signature technology and spend on R & D in both hardware & software development. Pay attention to where the pads are manufactured.

Electronic signature pad Portability
For business travelers you may want to opt for a slim signature pad. It's also good to avoid bulky pads as they may not be natural to sign with.

Electronic signature pad SDK/API
Does your signature pad have the flexibility to use SDK or API to integrate it to other systems. While some pads run with standard PDF signing software, it'd be even better to have it supported by other enterprise systems.