Digital forms

Signature pad

One of many objectives of a paperless or digital workflow is to reduce paper usage as much as possible. Looking from within and outside the company, you can find many forms and documents to digitise. So which one should go digital first ? Please consider the following :

Which documents that require signatures have the highest printing costs ?

Which documents are customers required to sign most of the time ?

Which documents require more than one signature and need to flow to different people/locations to get signatures  ?

If cost is your concern then you should seriously consider 1. If you want better customer experience and to impress upon them, it's good idea to consider 2. If you want things to complete in lesser time then 3 looks a good start. All these will contribute positively to the success of a digital workflow.

Organisations are big and complex these days that hundreds if not thousands of different documents/forms are created. When there're revision changes to these forms or documents, one can imagine tonnes of obsolete forms to be destroyed and new ones to be printed. Isn't it time to save money by going for a digital workflow ?

The common forms and documents that require signature include business contracts, consent forms, payment vouchers, appointment letters, application forms and legal documents etc.

For simple signing, it's recommended to save the documents in PDF format as it's quite a popular and petite format that are shared by many companies around the world. A good signature pad and software should therefore support secured signing on PDF documents.