Dominant System Pte Ltd

Dominant System Mission and Vision


Customer satisfaction is our motivation. Dominant System provides a conducive environment that inspire our employees to enhance customer interactions and set high standards in service level.


To become Asia's best value distributor and a trusted brand to both our customers and partners. Dominant System aims to excel in niche markets by offering our customers viable solutions that adhere to industry's best practices and nurture cordial relationships that blossom into strong partnerships.


Talent is highly valued in Dominant System. We help staff develop further to achieve more in their career. We want to groom potential leaders that eventually lead our company to the next stage of growth and beyond.

Dominant System


We share the same beliefs as our partners and the synergies allow us to forge strategic alliances to propel our business together and soar to greater heights. Dominant System is proud to be appointed as StepOver, BARO and Artisul official authorised distributor and we are confident these premium products will appeal to quality conscious customers and also great addition to our partners' total solution.

Dominant System


Dominant System sits nicely in the smack of Asia where shipping and warehousing facilities are operating at optimal level. Singapore operates a highly efficient logistic hub that exceeds international standards. The port is the world’s busiest where more than 60,000 containers are loaded or unloaded from more than 60 container vessels every day. It is the focal point for some 200 shipping lines with links to more than 600 ports in over 120 countries worldwide. Singapore Airfreight Centre runs a 24-hour Free Trade Zone on 47-hectare facility that house nine airfreight terminals (AFT) with two dedicated Express and Courier Centres.

Our storage facility operates in clean and humidity controlled environment so products are stored in best condition before delivery.