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The naturaSign Pad Colour with bright colour screen and USB port is the most advanced model for counter services, developed and manufactured by StepOver in Germany. Thanks to its extremely flat design (1.1 cm height), the naturaSign Pad Colour will not only be the shining point of any counter, but it can also be used in the most demanding portable services. In combination with the asymmetrically displaced screen, the construction of this pad offers unmatched ergonomics to the user, both left- and right-handed: sign as you would do on a piece of paper. The highest safety performance and an internal real time clock for a secure date stamp of each signature make this pad a unique product on the world market.


Big Screen - big possibilities
The large colour display provides you with enough space to insert long texts and messages. You can customise the design of the standard signature field according to your requirements.
A larger display for the signatory
It can often be difficult to turn the display to show the customer at the service counter. It is also important that the information on the screen cannot be seen by anyone else. Fortunately, your signature pad itself can display the document to be signed, and with complete discretion. This saves you the need for extra monitors at the point of sale, whilst costing less than a tablet PC or Pad A4.
Sign the document directly
The colour screen not only allows you to view small sections of text, but also allows you to sign directly onto the full document; just as if you were signing paper. The signature is displayed on the colour screen in real time - just like signing paper.
Customer interaction, simplified
The dialogue mode for our project-related jobs!
The customer can provide all of their required information from the tablet itself, without the need for a second screen. This is particularly useful for transactions at the service counter.
Present yourself perfectly
When the device is in standby mode, the brilliant colour screen, with its 640 x 480 pixel resolution, will display your latest products, offers, solutions and services, in the form of a slideshow. To upload, organise and update images using the internal memory of the signature pad, you can use our free StepOver ImageLoader application.
Opening recognition - security at the counter
The naturaSign Pad Colour model in the current series has an internal battery, which supplies internal storage with electricity over a period of several years (usually for the entire life span of the pad). This internal storage unit holds a unique key for each pad so long as it is provided with electricity. If the casing is opened, the electricity supply is interrupted and the key is deleted. The next time it is switched on, the firmware integrated into the main processor ascertains that the key for the volatile memory is no longer equivalent to its own and therefore that the pad may have been tampered with.
The highest possible security proof
Every StepOver signature pad has a unique certificate for digital signature (2048-bit RSA): through this, it is possible for the pad’s secure internal signature creation unit to sign the relevant document, and later to also unambiguously assign it to a specific signature pad. Furthermore, the signature pad contains a public key from a second key pair, created by a notary public. This key securely encrypts the biometric data of your signature in the pad. In this way, highly sensitive data is never found decrypted in the "unsecured" environment: i.e., your computer. The private key from this second key pair is safely stored with the notary public.
Security for you
The unique security concept of this StepOver signature pad guarantees that the user has the highest possible security proof at court, as the provider has no way of manipulating it even as the user of this signature solution.
This StepOver signature pad is suitable for developing a system for simple and advanced electronic signatures as per EU guideline 1999/93/EG.

Key attractions

• Extra large screen (640 x 480 pixels)
• Colour screen for displaying signatures, texts, documents, clippings and interactive buttons
• Representation of the complete document on large colour screen with scrolling feature
• Slideshow: 4 images (Slideshow can be created via the free StepOver Image Loader)
• Adjust the brightness of the screen and or disable the colour display using the free StepOver ImageLoader in order to save power
• Document viewing mode
• Dialogue Mode
• No special pen required (without batteries or risk of cable breakage)

• Additional stylus holder on the top of the case for stationary use
• Stylus holder by means of generously sized spiral cord
• Screw clip for mounting on fixed stationary use
• Unbeatable accurate detection of the signature data (maximum image resolution, compression and timing) for optimum comparability by a handwriting expert
• Document integrity is ensured by our unique security concept with asymmetric encryption
• Equipped with the StepOver Long Life Sensor
• USB cable: 200 cm long (can be replaced by a standard USB cable length up to 300 cm)
• No extra power supply (USB - cable is sufficient)

Technical data

Dimensions / Weight
18.5 cm x 17 cm x 1.2 cm / 325 g

Sensor / Monitor
11.4 cm x 8.5 cm / 640 x 480 Pixels with 64000 colours

Signature capture
500 4D-Coordinates per second (X,Y, Pressure and Time) – internal sampling time of over 7000 captures/second, 1024 Printing levels, no need for a special pen

RSA 2048 Bit Signature capturing device, Pad-internal encryption of the biometric data with notarised, Public-Key (RSA 2048 Bit)

USB 2.0 and/or 1.1, HID (no driver required), or via CDC/ACM (virtual Comport)

Operating system
WinXP (from version SP3) through to Windows 8, Mac OS by utilising VMWare Fusion, Thin-Client-Support is available for certain, individual models.

API available, please write to us for more information.

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