Pen display monitor

Pen display monitor

interactive pen display

The pen display monitor is an essential tool in the digital era. It is mainly used in paperless workflow and creative industries where users find an absolute must for jobs that require top quality digital content creation.

For years businesses are trying to get rid of paper as the printing and associate costs are rising. To maintain an efficient organisation and to increase productivity, hardcopies are gradually replaced with digital documents which can be archived and retrieved in matter of seconds.

The printing, storage, disposal and maintenance add up to high business costs and hardcopies are not practical especially in the age of mobile devices. The introduction of pen display monitor solves these problems as users can annotate on the digital documents.

The usage of pen display monitor is expanding horizontally. Users are finding more ways to utilise the pen display monitor e.g. for presentation, teaching, web-conferencing, training and even doctors are using it for annotating on digital medical images and write on electronic medical records.

Whichever way, the world continues to move towards a lesser paper environment that helps earth to slow down deforestation and reduce destructions to the environment.

One of the key usages of the pen display monitor is for creative purpose. Graphic artists, digital content creators and digital art enthusiasts are particular about the quality of work. There are many creative software that enable users to produce awesome digital art. These includes CGI used in movies, animations, industrial / fashion / product designs, photo editing, anime / manga / comics, games and digital paintings etc. When paired with professional pen display monitors, it brings the realism and quality of work to a whole new level.

This is why choosing the right pen display monitor is crucial for the professional users. Key considerations include the pen display monitor sensor technology and built-in productivity features.

Top performing pen display monitors generally use the Electro Magnetic Resonance sensor technology which offer a battery less and cable free pen that comes with very high pen pressure sensitivity. This allows the drawing of high quality and precise pen strokes. Users can also take advantage of the hot keys (shortcut keys) to fully utilise the creative software powerful functions. These creative software have marvellous time-saving shortcuts aimed at optimising workflow and streamline commonly used functions. The pen display monitor hot keys allow users to customise these software shortcuts without the need to constantly access the keyboard.

If users need a larger pen display monitor with more space, they can choose the BARO pen display monitors. If users need to travel for work and bring the tablets around, they can select the portable Artisul graphic LCD drawing tablets. Whichever the choice, users can’t go wrong as both products are equipped with professional features and at a price that won’t break the bank.