Baro BR-220TC

Baro BR-220TC pen display monitor

Presentation Tool

A presentation is like a summary of a detailed report. You want to grab attention from audiences as much as possible within limited time. Beside a great speech, you create content that provide easy to understand visuals so your audiences can grasp the essence of the information in one look. In some presentations, you may require to highlight or annotate on certain objects, charts or figures to emphasize certain points. It’s difficult and almost impossible to use a mouse or infra-red pointer to do that. With BARO pen and touch display monitor (& pen display monitor), it’s extremely easy to annotate and draw on your presentation just like on a piece of paper. BARO pen and touch display monitor is equipped with an EMR pen and is built with 10 points touch sensors. This is the best presentation tool that you could ever dream of. With the EMR pen, you can annotate on your digital content so your audiences follow you closely during a presentation. The touch sensors allow you to navigate easily with simple gestures especially in Win8 environment and many touch oriented software.

Many corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms are using this technology to conduct effective business presentations, web conferencing and trainings. This presentation tool is easy to use like a pen & paper but do more by offering the ability to save the annotations and drawings digitally. You can annotate on content such as business charts, engineering drawings and training materials and save a copy for review later. This is truly an amazing tool for all your presentation needs.

Suitable for : boardrooms, meeting rooms, ballrooms, function rooms and training facilities.

Pen display monitor

Medical Tool

Hospitals, medical centres and clinics are digitizing their diagnostic imaging systems and workflow to provide better diagnosis and reduce waiting time for patients. From X ray, CT Scan, MRI and electronic medical record systems, healthcare facilities are gradually upgrading their systems and reduce paper usage. The BARO pen and touch display monitor (& pen display monitor) allows healthcare professionals to annotate on medical images, electronic medical records and explain medical conditions to their patients. This reduce long queuing time for patients and hospitals/clinics also see an increase in their business volume.

Patients have more confident in the doctors as they can easily understand the doctors when they annotate on the medical images. Doctors are able to provide better explanations visually and share treatment options with their patients. This avoid miscommunications and confusions in a verbal-only communication during consultancy. The BARO pen and touch display monitor offers a simple, accurate and visually appealing technology when working on digital medical images and electronic medical records. The end result is better doctor-patient interaction and a positive impact on improving healthcare service.

Suitable for : hospitals, medical centres, specialist clinics and general practitioners etc.

Teaching tool

Education Tool

Education institutions are using technologies to assist teachers to conduct better lessons and helping students to learn effectively. One of the most popular education tools is a pen monitor. It has more powerful features and resolve the shortcomings of white boards and electronic boards. Teachers stand for long hours to teach and those with knee and back problems may find teaching by standing a very uncomfortable experience. With the pen display monitor, teachers can sit and teach if they wish to as the monitor is mounted at on the desk. Teachers also find standing infront of the board to teach blocks the view of students and before the students could figure what is being written, the content could be erased. This creates an obstacle to effective learning for the students. When the teachers write on the whiteboard with their backs facing the class, it's difficult to tell whether the students are paying attention and learning properly. To gauge whether the lessons are effectively delivered to the class, it’s important for teachers to retain eye contact with the students. These issues can be addressed with BARO pen and touch display monitor.

In a large lecture theatre, it’s quite impractical to use white boards to teach as students sitting behind will not be able to see what is written. To address this issue many universities hook up the pen display monitor with a LCD projector to enlarge content onto a big projector screen or wall.

If you’re using an electronic board to interact with students you may observe that smaller built students face difficulties writing on the big electronic board. A more practical way is to use the pen display monitor which can be easily mounted on the desk and smaller students are able to access easily. The BARO pen and touch display monitor offers teachers and students a simple yet effective teaching and learning tool. The ability to write complicated symbols (math, chemistry) and characters (multinational languages) on the pen display monitor makes another compelling reason for schools to install a BARO pen and touch display monitor. The pen strokes are natural, smooth and there's a wide array of inking tools that teachers can use to create interesting & colourful content easily. The BARO pen and touch display monitor is the definitive choice when it comes to teaching and learning in all modern schools, universities and tuition centres.

Suitable for : schools, colleges, universities, adult learning centres, training centres and tuition centres.


Baro BR-220TC

Panel Description  
Panel Size 21.5Inch
Panel Type TFT LCD
Display/Contrast Ratio 16:09  / 5000 : 1
Active Area 476.64X268.11mm
Pixels 1920X1080
Pixel Pitch 0.248mmX0.248mm
White LuminanceTYP 250cd/m²
Color 16.7M Colors
Response Time 14ms
Viewing Angle Horizontal 180°/    Vertical180°
CTP Touch Description  
Touch Technology Capacitive( 10 points)
Report Rate 180pps
Transmittance 87%
EMR Touch Description  
Touch Technology Electromagnetic Resonance
Resolution 2048LPI
Pressure Level 2048
Report Rate 200pps
Accuracy ± 0.5mm( Center), ± 2mm( Edge)
Tilt Angle ± 45° from Vertical
Sensor Height 5-15mm
Interface USB2.0
Support OS Win Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
Pen Description  
Type Wireless Pen
Press Key Upper Key( Mouse Right-Key Function)
Pen Tip Switch Freely
Weight 20g
Power Supply  
Power Supply Type External DC Power Adapter 12V/3A
Power 110V-220V
DC Jack DC Jack*1
Touch USB2.0*1
Video Input VGA IN*1, HDMI*1,  DVI*1
Video Output NA
Dimension 560(L)*380(W)*25(H)mm
Net Weight 3.8KG
Gross Weight 4.3KG
Working Temperature 0~50 Deg C
Working Humidity 5~90%
Storage Temperature -20~60 Deg C
Storage Humidity 5~90%

Specifications subject to changes without prior notice

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21.5" Pen only model is available upon request (Baro BR-220T)


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