Signature pad usages

Signature pad usages

Today you find more organisations moving towards paperless or digital workflow. The benefits for these organisations are obvious, ranging from cost savings to increased productivity to customer experience enhancement. Such benefits not only give companies competitive advantage over their competitors but also a favorable impression of a forward looking organisation. Let's explore the various signature pad usages below :

Account opening and transaction. Signing up new customers at roadshows with signature pads is becoming quite popular.

Signature pads on payment counters at departmental stores and supermarkets.

Insurance/Property agents
Allow changes to proposal/agreement on the spot (without having to travel back to the office to reprint the proposals) and adding customer signature to finalise the proposal. Signature pad is portable to bring around.

Adding signature to consent forms, medical assessment/lab reports, patient registration, admission, checking out and paying bills at the counters. Signature pads with signature data security is most preferred.

Adding signature to administrative forms. Adding signature to passport, identity cards, voter ID and civil servant pass etc. Signature pads that can capture signature biometrics data is almost compulsory.

Guests check in/check out. Membership sign up. Signature pads that can display colourful pages are used to interact with customers.

Receptions/Frontdesks/Visitor centres/Trade show registration
Enable visitors to sign in and adding signature to visitor/guest pass with signature pads.

Any companies
Adding signature to different forms e.g. leave application, payment voucher, salary slip, reports and appointment letters etc. Signature pads improve work efficiency and help save paper, and printing costs.