Signature pad

Signature pad

Signature pad

A good quality signature pad is likely to last you for many years so it pays to get one that comes with good support and a company that has solid knowledge of the electronic signature technology. StepOver professional signature pads are well received and its R&D efforts in the electronic signature technologies is highly regarded in the industry.

The signature pads cater to a wide selection of applications and are well built with the highest standards & advance features in the industry. Whether you need high security in signature data or natural looking signatures or good integration support, StepOver has the right signature pad for you.

Having tested other signature technologies, We find StepOver technology to be unique and reliable. The need for stability when implementing technologies at the enterprise level is always important. The German precision and reliability make StepOver a compelling choice for big organisations and government agencies. As StepOver hardware and software are all developed in-house in Germany, the support and response to customers are always faster than others. This is one of the many reasons why customers around the globe placed their trust in the company.

The signature pads and software are available now in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia through Dominant System.

We have good knowledge in electronic signature applications and paperless workflow technologies. It has experience in catering to banks, healthcare, government projects and many other B2B projects which demand for the best technologies and support. We work with system integrators and software developers closely for e-signature projects so please contact us if you need to customise your system for e-signature application.

We can cater to your client-server based or cloud based e-signature requirement. Write to us for more information.

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