The establishment of StepOver GmbH in Stuttgart in 2001 laid the foundation for the StepOver family. To begin with, StepOver focused exclusively on the development, manufacture, and sale of signature pads for the handwritten electronic signature. However, as far back as 2003 work began on programming the first signature software "eSignatureOffice" in order to be able to offer customers a comprehensive signature solution.

By establishing our sales offices in Spain (2006) and Italy (2009), we took into account the growing demand for e-signature products in these countries. In 2010 came the founding of StepOver International LTD in Great Britain. In the same year, StepOver also expanded its sales efforts beyond European borders. With the foundation of the independent StepOver International GmbH, based in Berg (Germany) in 2011, we created a central point of reference for all sales activities outside the European Union and the USA/Canada.

In 2012, StepOver Inc. was set up in New Jersey (USA), which markets a product range developed especially for the US market by StepOver International. StepOver Inc. will offer and market this completely independent product range on the US market, but can fall back on the great wealth of experience built up by the StepOver family at any time.

Business model

As the European technology pioneer and market leader in the field of handwritten electronic signatures, our main emphasis lies in the development of innovative, highly functional hardware and software. Our clients value our all-in-one concept: development, production and distribution are performed by our company, which avoids losses due to external service providers, among many other advantages. Our highly motivated team offers you products that do credit to the term “Made in Germany”.

StepOver GmbH was founded in 2001 and its head office is situated close to Stuttgart airport and the new trade fair centre. The company’s ambitions are founded on many years of EDP branch experience in development and production, as well as a good share of enthusiasm. As leading specialist in the handwritten electronic signature sector, we are a competent and reliable partner for insurance companies, banks and industry in the field of paperless business. One important starting point in optimising business processes is the removal of paper based signatures and the associated format mismatches. A continuous electronic process is possible through the elimination of such mismatches, leading to an acceleration of all business processes as well as considerable cost savings.

We are continuously looking for supportive innovations that are highly relevant to our clients. That is why our product range is characterised by the preference of quality over quantity. To find the economically most appropriate solution for each client with maximal security, that’s our motto. We don’t do things by halves: we are the technology leader concerning electronically acquired handwritten signature security, with a firm belief in our project, since security leads to acceptance! And still, brilliant solutions don’t need to be complicated or expensive! Our solutions are clearly oriented towards customer values.

We offer new technologies for valuable applications in compliance with the most stringent security and quality standards. This also means that the production takes place in-house. All our signature pads are handmade and extensively tested before delivery. The transparency and openness of our procedures and product management are the guarantee of the client's confidence and credibility. This explains why several large companies from the insurance and financial sectors have decided to implement a StepOver hardware and software solution