Why choose StepOver ?

StepOver signature pads

Hard to beat features

StepOver signature pads give you all class leading features that will leave competitions in the dust. It's easy to see more and more companies investing in high quality high performance pad that can last them for many years.

Country of manufacture does matter

StepOver signature pads are designed and made in Germany. With German Quality Control, you can be assured your pads are made with exceptional product quality and reliability.

Look no further if you want balance of quality and value.


Choose from a wide range

Every occasion requires a different signature pads. StepOver offers a wide variety of pads for different applications and situations. Write to us and find which one is suitable for you.

Marketers take note

If you want to improve customer experience and enjoy better interaction with them, the colour pads from StepOver are not to be missed. You can do more than capturing a signature. These excellent pads allow you to show off ads and promos in vibrant colours.

Your customers will be thrilled to see them on counters.

Highly sensitive signature data ?

Don't worry, we've got you covered with industrial grade encryptions. Don't take chances and leave your signature to preying eyes.

Go green

Save trees, save your money by going green. StepOver pads help you to reduce paper and toner usage.